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I am so happy that you found me and am beyond excited to get to know you!  I am a makeup artist and licensed aesthetician based in Boston. I know first hand how important it is to choose an amazing makeup artist for your wedding day. Makeup isn't just makeup! It's truly making everyone feel confident and enhancing the things about you that are already beautiful.  I absolutely adore everything about the wedding planning process, I'd love to chat further about your big day. Tell me every detail!


No matter what review I write, it truly wouldn’t do justice to just how amazing Ashley was for my wedding. Not only is her artistry unmatched within the business, but her timeliness, energy, and overall demeanor was nothing short of stellar. I had 12 bridesmaids in my wedding and 3 additional people needing makeup which obviously could have created a bit of a logistical nightmare the morning of my wedding. Not only did Ashley stick to schedule, but made sure each one of my bridesmaid got the individual and personalized artistry they were hoping for.


My girls raved about their makeup, took several selfies, and overall just looked absolutely beautiful! I actually have girlfriends getting married next year who took photos of themselves as a benchmark for what they wanted to look like for their wedding!! I know my pictures are going to be amazing because if you feel beautiful it truly shows! I would recommend Ashley to anyone getting married and can say with confidence you will not find a better artist.

- Nicole Clyde


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